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Community Connections

The Community Connections Action Team coordinates activities to bring our members together through various social and community events.  We organize functions such as 5K walks for charity, yoga classes, wine tasting and local tours. Our events create opportunities to connect with existing and new members, build friendships, and support our community while doing something fun and enjoyable.

Join Community Connections to meet new people and make friends in the Triangle region through TriWiSTEM.  Here are some of the volunteer activities in 2021:

  • Event planners: Assist with event planning details, partner with co-leads and event coordinators to ensure event details are accurately represented during all phases of the planning lifecycle.  Event planners will also assist with drafting communications and capturing relevant event details for the communication team to advertise these exciting opportunities on our digital communication platforms.

  • Event coordinators: Partner with co-leads and event planners to coordinate and assist with facilitating the planned events as needed.

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Communications, Marketing, and Branding

The Communications, Marketing, and Branding Action Team provides strategic communications support to all areas of TriWiSTEM. We work to ensure that all TriWiSTEM efforts are known by creating a thriving presence on our website and on social media. Both tools are used to market and highlight what the Triangle has to offer and what women offer to the Triangle. TriWiSTEM has amazing initiates, but without proper communication, individuals could miss out on the opportunities that are offered. 

Join Communications, Marketing, and Branding to help spread the word about the many ways that TriWiSTEM can enhance your STEM journey.  Here are some of the volunteer activities in 2021:

  • Social Media Event Posting Support

  • Website Updates (leadership updates, content creation, etc., can be short-term commitment)

  • Content Generation & Spotlight for Social Media

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Fundraising and Membership

The Fundraising and Membership Action Team is looking for volunteers who are enthusiastic about the mission of TriWISTEM to help support initiatives throughout the year. We’d love to engage volunteers with a background in fundraising, grant writing, and/or familiarity with corporate sponsorship programs, but anyone with a passion for making the membership experience special would be a great fit. 

Join Fundraising and Membership to help support our TriWiSTEM community, activities and programs.  Here are some of the volunteer activities in 2021:
Assist in developing and executing on a variety of fundraising efforts throughout the calendar year including:

  • Nurture current corporate sponsorship relationships and follow up on open opportunities

  • End of Year giving program

In addition, help to define and build a robust strategy for providing unique value and benefits for our TriWiSTEM members

  • New member and renewal drives

  • Member appreciation events

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Professional Women


The Professional Women action team is focused on providing career women in STEM of all stages, including early career through our Emerging Leaders group, and mid-career through retirement,  through networking and career advancement opportunities.
These opportunities include attending professional panels, our advanced leadership series, and connecting with strong women leaders in our community.  We are able to provide these events through the help of our wonderful volunteers. 
Join Profession Women to help network and grow professionally.  Here are some of the volunteer activities in 2021:


  • Communications / Setup Event:

    • Drive the communication needs for the Professional Women’s Action Team to post on Social Media and update the TRIWISTEM master calendar for Professional Women events

  • Innovative & Creative Volunteers:

    • Individuals who are innovative with networking and professional growth ideas and are willing to drive them. 

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