Jenna Meanor HS_edited.jpg

Jenna Meanor

North Carolina State University, 2021

Major: Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Ph.D.

Ai Ye HS.png

Ai Ye

UNC Chapel Hill, 2021

Major: Ph.D. student in Quantitative Psychology, M.S. Mathematical Statistics

Michelle Mao HS.jpg

Michelle Mao

Duke University, 2022 

Major: Computer Science 

Anna Cassidy.jpg

Anna Cassidy

UNC Chapel Hill, 2023

Major: B.S. Neuroscience

Minor: Chemistry, Health and Society


Leah NCSU.jpg

Leah Bellcase

North Carolina State University, 2023

Major: B.S. Material Science and Enginering 

Akshara Anand HS.png

Akshara Anand

Duke University, 2022

Major: Computer Science 



Riggan .jpeg

Riggan Ayscue

UNC Chapel Hill, 2023

Major: B.S. Biology

Minor: Chemistry and Neuroscience 


Grace - ProfilePhoto.jpg

Grace Gao

UNC Chapel Hill, 2023

Major: Health Policy & Management

Minor: Biology and Spanish for the Medical Professions