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Intern TriWiSTEM Spotlight


Meet Jasmine Robinson!

North Carolina Native Learning About How Her State is Run  

Triangle Women in STEM would like you to meet Jasmine Robinson, a current Business Administration major at the University of North Carolina Greensboro.  Originally from Charlotte, this summer Jasmine is living in Raleigh while interning with the State of North Carolina. She is learning about the ins and outs of HR, compensation, benefits, talent management, and recruiting via social media.  Her favorite thing about Raleigh is the annual State Fair that takes place every fall. Jasmine is excited about her internship because it will allow her to narrow down exactly what she wants to do when she graduates from school. And having lived in North Carolina her whole life, she enjoys learning the business side of how her state is managed.  Jasmine said her ultimate goal is to be an entrepreneur. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for you, Jasmine. Keep up the good work!


Meet Simran Puri!

Learning New Skills During 2nd Internship at MetLife

Triangle Women in STEM would like you to meet Simran Puri, a senior at Elon University pursing a dual degree in Finance and Business Analytics.  This is Simran’s second summer working as an intern at MetLife. This summer Simran is working as a service ownership intern, which has her interfacing with MetLife’s engineering department.   As a business major Simran does not have a background in engineering, so her summer experience has been a great learning opportunity. Her peers and mentors at work have taught her a lot about the technical field.  Simran is from Charlotte North Carolina, but is living in Raleigh for the summer. Last summer Simran lived in Chapel Hill but says Raleigh is her favorite city in the RTP area. She enjoys exploring the outdoor trails, restaurants, and the downtown area in Raleigh.   Learning a new city and new technical skills --- what a great summer and MetLife intern experience.


Meet Amelia Weaver!

Pursuing Her Love for Robotics

Triangle Women in STEM would like you to meet Amelia Weaver, a firmware intern at Lenovo this summer.  Amelia is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in electrical and computer engineering at NC State. She enjoys the experience, knowledge, new skills, and networking she has gained from interning with Lenovo.   Amelia loves living in Raleigh. She especially enjoys outside activities such as hiking and running … which connect her back to her childhood growing up on a horse farm. Since a child Amelia has always had a love for science, math, and computers which led her to her dual degree in college.  Her goal is to find an opportunity to work in robotics. Amelia is also interested in getting more involved with TriWiSTEM.


Meet Suzie Byun!

Introduced to Computing at an Early Age

Triangle Women in STEM would like you to meet Suzie Byun who is a computer science molecular biology major at MIT.  Suzie is a cognitive software engineering intern at IBM this summer. Her father worked in IT and introduced her to computer science at an early age.  While in high school Suzie even had an internship in computer science. It has been a while since Suzie has been in Raleigh, so she is enjoying exploring everything Raleigh has to offer -especially all the food.  She is looking forward to learning more about mainframe computing at IBM and networking with other companies here in the RTP area. We hope you enjoy your time in North Carolina!


Meet Alexandra Dabar!

Appreciates the Networking and Mentoring at SAS

Triangle Women in STEM would like you to meet Alexandra Dabar who is interning at SAS in their Internal Sales Team and Business Development Team this summer.  Alexandra is pursuing a Marketing and International Studies degree at North Carolina State University. She is originally from Greensboro North Carolina but is living in Raleigh for the summer.  She enjoys exploring downtown Raleigh, especially the variety of restaurants and types of food offered. Alexandra’s favorite part about interning at SAS is the networking and mentorship within the company allowing her to explore and learn about different aspects of the STEM field.  Alexandra will also be working part-time at SAS in the fall. She is most excited for the company’s annual intern presentation. Each year SAS gives interns the opportunity to show off the work they have done to employees and other interns within the company. Good luck with your annual intern presentation!

Ai Ye - Copy.jpg

Meet Ai Ye!

Don't Fear Science

We were happy to have Ai Ye take some time out of the 2018 Intern Event to talk to us. Originally from Wuhan, China, she moved to the United States back in 2012 and went to UCLA for a Master’s degree. Currently, Ai is at UNC working on both a Ph.D. in Quantitative Psychology and a Master’s degree in Statistics. With her education, she hopes to help the field of psychology gain a better understanding of people’s behavior and improve their well-being through statistical and data analytic tools. Especially in psychological research, having expert quantitative methods can determine outcomes that would otherwise be completely lost to the researchers.

Some of the hobbies that she enjoys in North Carolina are planting, painting, and particularly pole/aerial dancing. She developed a great passion for dance in West Hollywood and has found a pole dancing community in Cary, NC.

This summer Ai is working as an intern with SAS Advanced Analytics Group. She is interested in pursuing a career in academia and becoming an advocate for women and people like her from underrepresented populations to enter the sciences. One of Ai’s mentors was an advisor at UCLA, who helped her feel confident in a path which eventually lead to multi-disciplinary scientific research under her current adviser at UNC, and she wants to do the same for others. As she puts it, working in the sciences can be intimidating for anyone, but it is a highly rewarding field of study.

If you are in a STEM career, considering a STEM academic path, interested in psychological research, or are looking for an interesting new fitness activity, we would recommend starting up a conversation with Ai Ye!

Katea Jemmott - Copy.jpg

Meet Katea Jemmott!

A Woman's Value in STEM

TriWiSTEM would like you to meet Katea Jemmott, a software developer intern for IBM. She was raised in Chester, Virginia and is enrolled at Virginia State University studying computer science.

She enjoys using her education to create application programing interfaces (APIs) meeting the needs of customers for aspiring businesses. She also enjoys cooking very much, which she attributes to her family’s flourishing food truck business.

In the past, she has worked in sales, selling such products as cars and life alert buttons. Even though she has had a lot of success, her true passion lies in working in software and hopes to be able to explore the projects that IBM is currently involved in.

She likes to thank her mother for captaining the family ship and always pushing her to professional and academic achievements. Katea believes that the STEM field is one that can find incredible value in the women who study and work hard in the sciences. The 2018 Intern Event reminded these women of the value they can bring to the industry.

Ms. Jemmott, we hope to have Jem’s Caribbean Cuisine someday and to see you leading development projects with IBM. It was nice meeting you!

SarahZelasky - Copy.jpg

Meet Sarah Zelasky!

From NC to NE

We had the privilege to speak with Ms. Zelasky during the 2018 Summer Intern Event proceedings. She was raised in Raleigh, and has recently graduated UNC Chapel Hill with a degree in Environmental Health and concentration in Chemistry. She is now on her way to Harvard University to start a graduate program in Environmental Health this coming semester. Before heading up north, Sarah is working as a contractor at RTI in carbon emissions.

Although her work keeps her busy, she loves to homebrew with her boyfriend and explore small towns across the North Carolina countryside.

MAC or PC? Sarah is well versed in both, though she greatly dislikes the sound of PC keyboards.

In her field, she enjoys doing risk assessment as well as quantitative data analysis. It is her hope that she will be able to work in air quality with friendly and energetic people.

You’re on your way Sarah. Good luck at Harvard!

Grace Park Pic - Copy.jpg

Meet Grace Park!

It's About the Journey

Grace was born in North Carolina, raised in South Korea, the New York, and New Jersey area, and then spent her teenage years in California. She currently attends Cornell University and has found her way back to NC to intern with Fidelity Investments. With a major in urban planning and a minor in computer science, she has started work in software engineering. Grace loves to cook for her friends and sing on occasion.

A little-known fact about Ms. Park is that she took a year off college to pursue a career as a jazz vocalist. It was after she was diagnosed with spasmodic dysphonia that she put her energy into learning about computer science. It is her hope to use her education to break into business as well as give back to her community.

Her inspirations: her brother who has always been full of compassion for others and her high school math teacher who taught her that the work that she does should be about the journey, not the result.

She hopes to work for an organization that shares her passion for social consciousness, is goal oriented, and is enthusiastic and driven in all their efforts.

It was nice to meet you Grace Park!

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