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Who We Are

Our Mission

Our mission is to create an integrated ecosystem - to engage, attract, and support women in STEM in their education, careers, and personal pursuits.

Our Vision

The Triangle Women in STEM initiative will establish North Carolina’s Triangle region as the preeminent destination for women in STEM fields. Through partnerships with Triangle industry, universities, nonprofits and local government, we will build a diverse community that values, respects, and supports women in STEM.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to recruit and retain women in the fields of: science, technology, engineering, math, health care, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, economics and finance. Other initiatives include education and workforce development; career assistance; entrepreneurship opportunities, and leadership development. 


We are building a strong community by celebrating, advocating, and inspiring women in STEM. Our work includes developing professional and personal networks, programming, events, and volunteer opportunities to engage women in STEM. Together we can build a robust community that attracts the nation’s leading talent in STEM to create a stronger business climate in North Carolina.

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